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조금 피곤합니다. 그러나 역시 하루가 즐겁다.

That's it!





This morning,

I was preparing to go out while watching BANGTAN's MV while making makeup
and peeking on twitter's TL.


So maybe I think she's American ARMY, and she threw a great quote into TL!


"Why don't men out of the world mature like Namjoon?"


At that moment, my brain started to be very active.


That's it! That's so! Exactly! Absolutely! That is the sure question and grief!!"



That's right.
She said that it was insanely right.


Think about how wonderful the guys in the world are like Namjoon!



Starting around yesterday,

my twitter TL has been filled with images of Namjoon's speech at the United Nations.


 They are not from ARMY.

The Japanese followers involved in such things as Japanese politics, economics, human rights, feminism, etc.,

which I usually interact with, are spread by being impressed by the speech of Namjoon.

Of course,
Some people have lamented the situation in Japan and Korea,
where relations are getting worse recently.


One senior man said,

“Why Japanese adults who are part of Asia cannot be said to be sincere, humble, naive and intelligent like the positive message that this Korean young man gave to the world? why!? "


Namjoon's words are sure to reach many people, and there are many people who have moved.


I said to the man,

“It ’s a bit different story, then  day after tomorrow Namjoon ’s birthday.
I ’m sure that ARMY from all over the world would be grateful to him for being born in this world. It ’s going to be a day, ”


I got a “good” from him.


I'm sure Namjoon himself is always thinking and worried, and he may not feel praised by others.


But surely, his thoughts and feelings are transmitted from music and words,
and there are people who understand and sympathize with him and are moved and saved by him.

I want him to be confident.