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조금 피곤합니다. 그러나 역시 하루가 즐겁다.


even if i sleep and wake up ...

ARMY is still struggling with this on twitter's tl. the point is that they haven't reflected, they haven't properly apologized to BTS. but surely the media has voiced the matter and ARMY is spreading them. it is very important that we do n…

i sent it to the “other party” ↓

『This song purifies prejudiced thoughts, fear of inferiority complex, and even your rough heart trying to trample others and gain a sense of superiority when you want to get rid of them. By the band that made the great song and another ba…


it keeps spreading more and more.↓ https://www.bandwagon.asia/articles/bts-army-fans-bayern-3-host-mattias-matuschik-racism-xenophobia-covid-19-remarks-2021


読め。↓ https://www.teenvogue.com/story/racism-bts-continues-to-face-is-part-of-larger-anti-asian-xenophobia-op-ed ↑彼女はこの記事をほんの数時間で書き上げたんだ。 今朝、彼女の静かな怒りは沸点に達していたからな。