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조금 피곤합니다. 그러나 역시 하루가 즐겁다.

even if i sleep and wake up ...





ARMY is still struggling with this on twitter's tl. the point is that they haven't reflected, they haven't properly apologized to BTS.


but surely the media has voiced the matter and ARMY is spreading them. it is very important that we do not shut up.


they seem to think this swell is making noise for the 13-year-old girls, but they seem very naive.


this swell is coming from all races, all genders and all ages around the world. their ignorance, insaneness, and shameless thoughts ironically broke out their discriminatory consciousness and electoral ideas.


the following is an article written by Brian. it seems that he wrote it in a hurry while helping his wife, so there are some typos, but please read it as if you didn't see it.↓






now, we just keep protesting. this is how to spend the last weekend of February.😉✨💜