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조금 피곤합니다. 그러나 역시 하루가 즐겁다.

Your happiness and love will surely lead to the future.





I just ordered a book from Amazon.
The title is [Big branch to the future]. . . Markus Gabriel's book.

(※ This is a JP translation of the title, and the original title may be different from this.)

It looks like a book that describes what he discussed with several celebrities.





The story is a little off. . .


People often think and discuss such things as "What is happiness?" and "What is love?"


I used to think a lot about that before,
I was sure that there must be something special and great for me.


But I stopped thinking about it a little harder at some point.

That's because I realized that it wasn't really difficult at all.



First,for me, "What is happiness?"

That is, "I am impressed." . .




Just think about it.

For example, the emotions we get when we watch beautiful paintings and sculptures, watch photograph and movies that appeal to emotions, listen to beautiful music, and read great books, and see wonderful stages,

don't you think it's a very happy moment?
Come and remember your state of mind at that time.

Just arousing that memory will bring a sense of happiness to you.


That's why I think happiness is "I'm impressed".




And for me, "What is love?"

It's extremely simple!





It means that person who are important to me are happy as I wrote above.


I pray that they are healthy both mentally and physically, and that their hearts are impressed every day and they feel happy. . . That's love for me.




Maybe my way of thinking will not change for the rest of my life.




I can say that my thoughts came from philosophy.

So this time, Markus Gabriel's book. . . I buy it.
Well, this time I think it's a little different from happiness theory.

But because we think about the future and worry about the future, we want to be happy even a little after all?


In that sense, it may not be irrelevant content.







Your happiness and love will surely lead to the future.