To this day.



I knew it recently... Christmas is not Jesus' birthday.

Apparently it means "winter solstice".


But with that in mind, it's a festival where Christians come together to eat together, exchange gifts, and enjoy family love at home.



Japan is probably strange... Do people have to spend time with their lovers and family at Christmas, do they have to give expensive gifts, or eat Kentucky Fried Chicken? 🤣



We are possessed by the "curse" of "must do xx" that someone we do not know decides.


Perhaps, if we could get rid of those "curses", we would be better off.


Actually they are not really limited to Christmas.
I think in every day, we should be free from any "curses".







It's fast,  end of this year is only a few days away.


This year I am...Early in the year, I got stuck in Bangtan's swamp, and from there, there were stormy days and 24 hours a day was not enough.

Thanks to them, I was really happy every day, I was able to make many discoveries, big and small, and I was impressed from them.

So I can say that this past year has been really fulfilling.

I really want to thank Bangtan!💜



Thank you sooooooo much Bangtan! 💜🐨🐹🐱🦄🐥🐯🐰💜I love you guys!!🌈💜🌈💜


Next year I'll make the most of my abilities and support you guys!!🔥💪💜



Maybe on New Year's Eve, I'll write the same thing again 🤣🤣





And to you...


You are yours, keep your pace and determine what you want to do.

I don't tell you at all more than before, but I don't  ignore you and I don't leave you alone.


I guess you can see my feelings if you look here, right? 😁




So, this Christmas, I don't want to celebrate the Christmas itself, but rather spend my time appreciating the important existence.


Everyone who is looking here,
Let your feelings reach those who are important to you, and those you want to meet but who are too far away to meet.



"How much do I love you and I value you‼︎"✨💜