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조금 피곤합니다. 그러나 역시 하루가 즐겁다.

You should take a more serious look at your inner self, and face it.

Over the last few years I have become totally skeptical and atfirst I doubt anything.

Although it is confusing that I can't believe in people, Japan has become a country that is not worthy of trust, and many people can't be trusted. 

I want to get out of this country if I can do it...That's very difficult  for me now.

There are other things that I often think of lately. 

Japanese people are over-interfered with others. 

And there are too many people who can't forgive the happiness of others. 

There are many people who are always jealous of someone and sublime to
those who are jealous. 

I don't know why they don't rejoice the happiness of others, why they think they are inferior to others, and why they blame them for their responsibilities.

I mean...in fact, I know the reason. 

But I don't  understand that way 
and I don't want to agree.

I think that they should analyze and recognize themselves properly, 
why they insult others, and that others can not forgive them,  and that they should cure them.