“Sage” card ✨








happy birthday yoongi ‼︎‼︎ 🎉🎂👏✨🐱💜






you are a bangtan's philosopher.


your deep thoughts take bangtan music to a higher level.


(※ i wrote this message same as on twitter .)😅






when i became army, i sent a birthday message to bangtan's members from twitter, the first member was to you just one year ago.



one year has passed since then.



as at that time, you are still thoughtful, insightful, and genius in expressing your brain and mind in your own words.



and, over the past year or so, i've looked closely at you and noticed that your changes are more lovely and cute than before!



i think you're more naturally filled with cute smiles than before.


and i'm freaking love your smile!😭✨🐱💜




i'll never force you... so, i want to see your smile as much as possible.😉✨💜






you are like a tarot card "sage" ... you're a bit sarcastic and very shy, you're a must for bangtan!🐱👑✨💜






i love you, yoongi☺️✨🐱💜




(※ i watched live streaming!🎉🎂👑🐱✨💜💜💜)